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"This is the biggest environmental issue that our planet has ever faced."

- Dr. R. K. Pachauri

"In the last century, the Earth’s climate has risen unusually fast, human beings have a great stake in contributing to the greenhouse emissions. As responsible citizens, we must learn to become more environmentally conscious."

- Dia Mirza

"Climate change will adversely affect our future and we will not be able to leave behind the sustained world for future generations."

- Boman Irani

"The ten hottest years in measured history have occurred in the last decade, the hottest year being 2005. These signs clearly prove that something is going wrong with the Earth’s temperature."

- Neha Dhupia

"The impact of climate change can already be felt in India. The Himalayas, which is one of the world’s biggest containers of ice and fresh water for many countries has started to melt at twice the normal rate. It is unimaginable to think the effects of this on many countries who depend on the Himalayas for fresh water."

- Manoj Bajpai

"I believe that small changes in your home and office can collectively bring about a big difference. Replace an ordinary luminous bulb with compact fluorescent bulbs. They may be more expensive to buy, but lasts ten times longer."

- Arbaaz Khan

"Each and every individual can do their bit to combat climate change. The most simple thing to do is to plant a tree in your neighborhood, and encourage your friends to do so too. This will not only make our city greener, but the air fresher and let nature restore its delicate balance."

- Gulshan Grover

"New diseases are being discovered due to the effects of climate change. This will make humans more vulnerable to illnesses and deaths."

- Purab Kohli

"When the sun radiates heat, some of it enters the Earth’s atmosphere while the rest is radiated back into space in the form of infrared waves."

- Vinay Pathak

"India is home to one of the world’s largest mangrove ecosystems in the world. But, we are destroying them for building purposes. Mangroves serve as a natural barrier against the seas and if we take nature for granted, we will ultimately bear the consequences through flooding."

- Abhishek Kapoor

"The theory of climate change is simple. When the sun radiates heat, some of it enters the Earth’s atmosphere while the rest is radiated back into space in the form of infrared waves. But over the years this thin layer of atmosphere is being heated with more and more greenhouse gases, and less of it is being radiated back into space, thus heating the Earth."

- Sanjay Gupta

"It took 2000 generations for the world to reach a population of 2 billion. But in the 20th century i.e. one human lifetime, the human population multiplied from 1.6 billion to nearly 6.1 billion. "

- Suresh Menon

"Coastal areas in India are threatened by melting glaciers. Even low lying areas such as Maldives, Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal are becoming more and more vulnerable to melting glaciers."

- Shweta Salve

"Climate change can result to dirtier air and water, more flood related accidents and injuries, threat to food supplies, hundreds of millions of environmental refugees and collapse of economies and ecosystems around the world."

- Rohit Roy

"Earth is our only home, and each and every one of us is responsible to save it. Our ability to live on planet Earth and have a future as a civilization is at stake. "

- Anjori Alagh



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