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Population vs Global Warming

The overriding challenges facing our global civilization are to stabilize climate and stabilize population. Success on these two fronts would make other challenges, such as reversing the deforestation of Earth, stabilizing water tables, and protecting plant and animal diversity, much more manageable. If we cannot stabilize climate and population, there is not an ecosystem on earth that we can save. Everything will change. If developing countries cannot stabilize their populations soon many of them face total ecosystem collapse.’

Currently, much of the pollution that is causing global warming comes from the United States and other industrialized nations. But rapid population growth in developing countries is also playing a significant role in increasing the worlds overall energy use and rate of deforestation.

India is facing intense problem of population outburst. People are experiencing crisis such as climate change, shortage of food and also severe energy crisis that are all related to the ever-increasing population. Our civilization is being squeezed between rising population densities. It can be said that if such trends continue, there will be a severe shortage of food supply. The government should impose a population control system upon every person living in the country by limiting them to have one child. The eruption of population has affected the standard of living of the people. The time has come when future citizens while in educational institutions should understand various issues related to the population problem. It has been observed that in some places, there is a shortage of drinking water. Village people started migrating to cities where they can get some water and employment. Today, in some places, people have started fighting for food, water and place to live. People have strong preference for male child which leads to population growth. They have a feeling that Sons will assist with farm labour as they are growing up. Son will also serv as their parents’ only security in old age.

The government should implement programs for community action in family planning. Population control program is essential because of the energy crisis. if this issue is ignored, it will have dangerous consequences. Population growth beyond a certain point serves only to destabilize the facility infrastructure of the city. Resources are limited in the environment and if people keep using them all then there will be crisis for future generation. Others believe that unmanaged population growth could lead to catastrophe because of the Earth’s finite resources. Therefore, it can be said that majority of population is concerned about the impact of overpopulation on their lives, the Earth and the future.

“Global warming is also related to overpopulation to control global warming population must be controlled. As the population grows, the demand for the consumption of energy such as electricity, cars and other energy resources increases which in turn affects nature. If population growth is controlled, people can control the ever increasing of burning energy that might hamper their future. Many countries in the world are global warming polluters, with their greenhouse gas emissions primarily from transportation, industry and power plant sources.

The other thing that people should be concerned about is the infrastructure. All of us should understand that places are getting smaller and smaller as the population grows. Places, which once held beautiful landscape, have been turned into mega complexes to house the increasing number of people. Population also affects on the education system. Today, education is expensive and few youths can afford to attend colleges or even high school. The shortage of seats in the colleges and universities are limited and many parents cannot afford to bear the cost of education of more than two children. Hence this is another reason that people should keep smaller families so that they can afford better facilities for all of them. Today, many younger generations understand that having few children can help protect the environment.

While one section of youth believe in curbing population, the other feels, their right to have as many children is challenged. Solution lies in literacy and using this mode to equip youth with merits of smaller family will help find a sustainable solution. Jai Ho!


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