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The Movement                                                                                 Green Strategies

Planet Alert is India’s biggest campaign for a climate in crisis, bonding leading decision-makers, academicians, corporate houses, non-government organisations and environmental leaders under one roof to offer solutions to the rising impact of global warming on a long-term and sustained basis.

Renowned artists, performers and celebrities in India will come together to make India a world leader to combat the biggest global crisis mankind has ever faced. The entire movement of Planet Alert has been divided into a series of awareness and implementation modules:

Celebrity Promo Film


Go Green Run

Corporate Conference

Green Brigade

Green Beats Concert and Green Star Awards

Celebrity Promo Film:

There have been several documentaries and movies released on making people aware about global warming. But, there has been no such awareness been made on the cause and symptoms of global warming in India. For the first time, Planet Alert will highlight on issues like flooding of villages near the Bay of Bengal, depletion of Himalayan glaciers, flooding in Mumbai during rains, destruction of mangrove ecosystems and sinking of islands in Bangladesh. Eminent celebrities have come forward to raise their voice and pledge their support for our cause.


The Planet Alert Radio-thon is being organized by BIG 92.7 FM. It is a nation-wide 18 hour initiative that is spread across 45 cities, including metro cities and B-Towns, with the aim of making the ‘common man’ aware about the causes and symptoms of climate change. This initiative will also serve as a platform to raise money for TERI and Light a Billion Lives around the world.

Go Green Run:

The Go Green Run celebrates the spirit of our country for a greener tomorrow, uniting people from all walks of life. Over 15,000 decision-makers, corporate houses, academicians, social workers, celebrities and youth will come together and put their stamina to the test, to show that it is not about winning, it is about uniting for s better future.

Corporate Conference:

The Corporate Conference aims to bring leading industrialists under one roof to talk about vital issues such as carbon credits, carpool credits and e-waste management. Pens will replace swords, as they will use judgment and dexterity to ensure sustainable development and stability in the economy.

Green Brigade:

The youth are going be directly affected due to the harsh repercussions of climate change. Hence, the Green Brigade module has been designed to educate the youth on various initiatives they can take at home and college to stop this problem as well as offer ideas to encourage their family and government to adopt eco-friendly practices. It will also serve as an entertainment module showcasing singers singing green songs, dance performances, quizzes and tree planting drives.

Green Beats Concert and Green Star Awards:

Green Beats Concert is a star-studded extravaganza night where celebrities and singers will come together and perform for the cause of climate change. It will also serve as a night of felicitating and honoring green corporate houses who have adopted green practices through Green Star Awards.


Alert Ambassador

Rahul Bose, Actor
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Planet Alert
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Suneeta Rao, Singer
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